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Shipping & Returns

Cancellations, Returns and Replacements

  1. All orders must be sent to the Seller in Writing, by post, e-mail or fax. Cancellation requests should be sent in the same manner as the original order, including all appropriate reference numbers.
  2. The Goods are 'made to order' hence no right to cancel exists for the Buyer except where expressly agreed by the Seller in Writing and we will ask for reason for cancellation.
  3. The Buyer will in the event of agreed cancellation by the Seller indemnify the Seller fully against all expenses incurred up to the time of such cancellation.
  4. Where permission to return is agreed, the Goods cannot have been fitted and must be returned at the Buyers expense in their original condition in their original packaging.
  5. Where the Goods are not made to order, the Buyer has the right to cancel the contract at any time up to 7 working days starting the day after delivery and will be entitled to a refund.
  6. The Buyer is entitled to free replacement of any Goods that arrive damaged. The Buyer must inspect the Goods and inform the Seller within 7 working days of any damages.



  1. Delivery of the Goods shall be made by the Seller’s delivery company delivering the Goods direct to the Buyer’s specified mainland UK address.
  2. The Seller shall be responsible for the delivery of Goods to the delivery address.
  3. The delivery date specified in the contract is a genuine forecast in the light of current conditions but is given without legal commitment. Factors outside the Sellers control can arise, potentially causing delays. A four hour delivery ‘window’ will also be specified at the point the Sellers delivery company contacts the Buyer directly. Time of delivery is not of the essence but every effort will be made to ensure it is met.
  4. The Seller shall not be liable for any delay in delivery howsoever caused. Late delivery of the Goods does not entitle you to reject the Goods, terminate the Contract or withhold payment of any part of the price.
  5. The Seller reserves the right to make delivery of the Goods by installments. Failure by the Seller to deliver the Goods in a single installment constitutes no right on the Buyers behalf to repudiate any part of the Contract.
  6. Deviations in quantity of the Goods delivered from that stated in the Buyer’s order shall give the Buyer no right to reject the Goods or to claim damages. The Buyer shall be obliged to accept and pay at the hitherto stated rate for the quantity of the Goods delivered.
  7. The Seller shall not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by any object delivered by the Seller or its agents under direction of the Buyer as to its final resting location.
  8. Where a failed delivery takes place and additional delivery, storage or other costs are incurred when meeting the Buyers requirements, all additional costs will be passed on to the Buyer.
  9. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to inform us, at time of order, of any unsuitable road conditions that may affect the delivery. What constitutes an unsuitable road condition is at the discretion of the Seller’s delivery company.
  10. Additional delivery and storage charges will also be levied to the Buyer when the Buyer gives insufficient warning of a delivery cancellation or rearrangement. Typically, insufficient warning means any time within 10 working days prior to the arranged delivery date.
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